Forensic Accounting & Business Valuation Services in Hawai‘i


Forensic Accounting

We resolve complex disputes and forensic accounting tasks while meeting strict court evidentiary standards through expertise in accounting and legal intricacies.


Business Valuation

We offer business valuation for ownership changes, tax planning, estates, divorce, and litigation, serving various industries.


Fraud Investigations

We investigate fraud of all scales, from simple financial statement alterations to complex misuse of funds, helping clients recover from financial losses with court-ready evidence.


Litigation Support

Our litigation support covers lost earnings, profits, business interruptions, insolvency, and expert assistance in case preparation and presentation. Serving Hawaii and beyond.

FVS Hawaii strives to provide professional opinions that are relevant, reliable, and timely.

Reliable expertise at your fingertips

Connect with FVS Hawaii to access over 16 years of reliable expertise in forensic accounting, business valuation, fraud investigation, and litigation support services. Our unique blend of knowledge, experience, and insight is at your disposal, empowering you to make informed decisions and navigate complex legal challenges.

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