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Mr. Seabolt has provided forensic accounting, business valuation, fraud investigation, and litigation support services to clients in Hawaii and elsewhere for more than 16 years. Mr. Seabolt’s background in accounting, law, and business allows him to tackle assignments with a unique set of knowledge, experience, and insight. FVS Hawaii specializes in forensic accounting, business valuation, fraud investigation, and litigation support services.


Forensic Accounting

Issues in dispute often times require an understanding of the relevant accounting theories or involve the unraveling of confused or disorganized accounting records. These types of assignments sometimes require in-depth analysis and outside the box thinking. Forensic accounting assignments may involve delving into intercompany transactions between two or more businesses that are affiliates of each other, or the investigation of the flow of cash into and out of an organization. Mr. Seabolt’s combined legal and accounting background allows him to approach each assignment with an eye toward fulfilling the strict evidentiary requirements in court.


Business Valuation

Businesses are valued for many reasons, including changes in ownership, tax planning, estate taxation, marital dissolution, and litigation support. Mr. Seabolt has performed valuations for companies involved in construction, farming, professional services, real estate management, and other business activities.

Fraud Investigation Services in Honolulu, Hawaii

Fraud Investigations

Fraud comes in many shapes and sizes. Some frauds are simple (merely changing numbers on a financial statement) while others can be very complex (involving hundreds of transactions using employer or client monies for undisclosed purposes). In either case, the perpetration of fraud most commonly results in financial losses that impact individuals, companies, and organizations. Mr. Seabolt has assisted clients with investigating actual and suspected frauds and has obtained evidence that was later used in court.


Litigation Support

Litigation Support Services in Honolulu, Hawaii

Litigation support services encompass a broad range of services including lost earnings estimates for individuals, lost profits estimates for businesses, damages relating to business interruption claims by insureds, and business insolvency analysis in bankruptcy matters. Litigation support services can also include assignments that are designed to assist lawyers, law firms, and legal departments with preparing their cases for litigation, including interviews, preparing witnesses, discovery requests, deposition preparation, documents review, and exhibits and technical presentations for trial and arbitrations. Mr. Seabolt has provided effective and reliable litigation support services to the legal profession in Hawaii and elsewhere.

Reliable expertise at your fingertips

Connect with FVS Hawaii to access over 16 years of reliable expertise in forensic accounting, business valuation, fraud investigation, and litigation support services. Our unique blend of knowledge, experience, and insight is at your disposal, empowering you to make informed decisions and navigate complex legal challenges.

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